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Cover of the Beebe and Bostel Mann book

Kent Politsch

Beebe and Bostelmann

A Historical Novel

Beebe and Bostelmann, a historical novel, is a finalist in the Somerset Book Awards for Literary and Contemporary Fiction, a division of Chanticleer International Book Awards (CIBA’s).

Image depicting Somerset 1st place winner

Previously, Beebe and Bostelmann won the 2021 4Q Firebird Book Awards for First Place in two categories: Historical Fiction and Adventure/Suspense

Beebe and Bostelmann, a historical novel, is Politsch’s third fiction and fourth book

Kent Politsch

Blood Anger

A Thriller

The President’s teenage daughter is in danger. Abductors have foiled Secret Service security and kidnapped Bibi O’Neil, making her an innocent victim in a twisted revenge plot. Only her brief and flirtatious meeting with high school basketball superstar Dante Brown offers the First Family a glimmer of hope.

Kent Politsch

Global Anger

A Thriller

When a career federal employee is contacted by his old college friend a Baltimore cop for a favor, he opens the door to more drama than the cop explained, including vigilante heroics by 16-year-old intercity basketball players whose fearless involvement to stop a known street criminal sets off a series of bizarre connections to an international drug cartel.

Kent Politsch

Legends and Legacy – 75th Anniversary


Yellow – Legends and Legacy is the story of one of North America’s successful business treasures – a transportation company with orange trucks and the Yellow name. Yellow Freight.