Climate Change is a Reality and We Need to Save Our Oceans to Stop it

Cover of the book Below the Edge of Darkness

Written by Kent Politsch

September 22, 2021

Joined a Zoom broadcast Tuesday evening, 9/21/21, with Edie Widder, James Cameron, Ray Dalio and Peter de Monocal in a discussion about the condition of our oceans.

I recommend you pay attention to their warnings because the oceans and their aquatic life are telling the rest of the Earth’s living creatures that climate disasters far worse than we’re experiencing in 2021 are a certainty without immediate action. Not words, not political wrangling, but science-driven remedies that stop carbon pollution, stop industrial abuse of our environment, especially our fresh and sea waters.

While I love the adventures of space travel as much as the next guy, we are spending more than 100 times greater tax dollars looking for a place to escape outside our planet than we are exploring the oceans, which make up more than 70 percent of the Earth’s surface, and where there are answers to help us arrest the climate damage already done.

I listened to the distinguished panelists talk about things like the acid build up that’s killing our coral reefs, the life form that slows the oceans waves and prevents erosion. Still, we keep doing things that damage our environment while wringing our hands because we know we’re destroying the only place that currently supports our lives.

Action means demanding industrialists participate in ending our abuses. They are causing 70 percent of the damage to the environment. People living day-to-day can only affect 30 percent of the damages. Recycling, slowing meat consumption, buying electric cars all make a difference, but until industrial leaders take a stand to help, our efforts are going to be wasted.

But don’t give up. Demand political leadership apply pressure to the real controllers of our fate, people who make things, people who build things, people who grow things. They’re the ones who can stop this unforgiving decay.

I have had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Edith (Edie) Widder. Her work is part of the inspiration I have in writing a book.

But it’s her book I’d like you to read now; her memoir, Below the Edge of Darkness. Her discoveries and passion to save our oceans will motivate you. Her personal story will help you understand the blessing of life. Buy it. Read it. And get into action now. #writing #climatechange #conservation

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