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Kent began a professional broadcasting career after graduating from the University of Illinois in 1970. He spent 25 years in Kansas City, had a brief brush with Missouri politics as the Governor’s Director of Communications, and settled into corporate communications for the last 10 years in the Midwest. Following his wife’s career to Baltimore in 1998, he spent the first 12 months writing his first book, a coffee-table history of his former employer entitled Legends and Legacy: 75th Anniversary of Yellow Freight System.

In 2001, Kent teamed with three Baltimore area brothers in conceiving of Leadership Through Athletics, a non-profit youth athletic organization. He guided the construction of a gymnasium complex that he uses as his model in his Global Anchor thriller duo — Global Anger and Blood Anger.

Politsch began a federal government career at USDA’s Farm Service Agency in August 2005, becoming chief of public affairs. He retired Dec. 31, 2016, when he moved to Port Saint Lucie, Florida, once more following his wife’s career. Politsch began writing his third novel in 2017 based on a record-setting 1930s event. He became an artist in part to understand a principal character in his historical novel.

He continues to write and has adopted art as his fulfilling pastime.

He is available to lecture about William Beebe’s most famous expedition to Bermuda and record-setting bathysphere dive in August 1934 with bathysphere creator Otis Barton.

Beebe and Bostelmann was published in December 2021.