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Beebe and Bostelmann

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William Beebe knew much about birds, bees, and prepared to learn more about creatures a half-mile deep in the ocean, but there were things he didn’t know like how to handle love rejected until an artist he hired to illustrate what he saw in the sea opened his eyes to the truth in his heart.

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Kent Politsch

Kent began a professional broadcasting career after graduating from the University of Illinois in 1970. He spent 25 years in Kansas City, had a brief brush with Missouri politics as the Governor’s Director of Communications, and settled into corporate communications for the last 10 years in the Midwest. Following his wife’s career to Baltimore in 1998, he spent the first 12 months writing his first book, a coffee-table history of his former employer entitled Legends and Legacy: 75th Anniversary of Yellow Freight System.

Published Books

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Blood Anger

The President’s teenage daughter is in danger. Abductors have foiled Secret Service security and kidnapped Bibi O’Neil, making her an innocent victim in a twisted revenge plot. Only her brief and flirtatious meeting with high school basketball superstar Dante Brown offers the First Family a glimmer of hope.

Global Anger

When a career federal employee is contacted by his old college friend a Baltimore cop for a favor, he opens the door to more drama than the cop explained, including vigilante heroics by 16-year-old intercity basketball players whose fearless involvement to stop a known street criminal sets off a series of bizarre connections to an international drug cartel.

Legends and Legacy – 75th Anniversary

Yellow – Legends and Legacy is the story of one of North America’s successful business treasures – a transportation company with orange trucks and the Yellow name. Yellow Freight.

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