Me and My Shadows Welcome in 2015


IMG_1649The New Year began for me the usual way. My shadows and I walked. We played ball. And w e picked up trash along our route. Most of the items were recyclables.IMG_1655

I’m very hopeful that 2015 rebirths our nation’s interest in keeping America beautiful. I’m hopeful that the notion of recycling resources hits a new peak.

While I’m on the topic of recycling, I have this thought: I’d like to recycle my life. I turn 67 in 2015 and I’m nowhere near the end of the things I’d like to accomplish. I’d like at least another 67 years to go on new adventures and to work on solving issues that my children face in their lifetime. I’m going to address some of those issues in book 3 of the Global Anchor series as I write in 2015. My working title is Oil & Water, A Recipe for Anger.

Life depends on fresh water. Fresh water is limited despite the fact that the Earth’s surface consists of 70 percent water. To convert the seas to useable water takes energy. Lots of energy. Oil remains our go-to source of energy. Oil is finite.

While most of us struggle with daily concerns about feeding, housing, and clothing our families, world leaders face the macro-level concern for water and oil. In our children’s lifetime, nations will likely become aggressive in order to secure these basic resources.

I use anger as my theme in the Global Anchor series, because anger is triggered by conflict, by passions like love and hate, by uncontrolled animal instincts for pleasure and dominance, and by fears, including national security.

Unless world leaders can find a manageable solution for the fair and equitable distribution of fresh water and the energy resources to provide life’s necessities, there will be widespread conflicts and anger when maneuvering to control these basic natural resources. We need to recognize this inevitable circumstance while there is time to create a worldwide effort and resolution. The obstacles are greed, distrust, and unfortunately a history of cultural and religious differences that stand in the way.

Pak Yong-sung, my fictitious billionaire head of Global Anchor, wants the cultural conflicts to continue, because he asserts that without the conflicts the world is doomed to passive annihilation. He believes that man will not destroy civilization through conflicts, but through a lack of attention to new technologies and the truths that science teaches us about how life exists. Is he right? Or, are we more at risk by allowing wars to break out so that powerful leaders, powerful nations, can control the scarcities and thus control the world’s destiny?

The stakes are high. Of course, my perspective is from my roots in America. But as a journalist and traveler, I have been exposed to other perspectives. So, as a journalist, I want to explore all thoughts and challenge all my readers to think beyond our borders, but to act on whatever level they can to show their concern. Act, don’t sit by and let things happen without doing something that improves our possibilities. Start with simple things that create simple satisfactions, like picking up the trash so America can remain beautiful and the place others want to emulate. If you believe in what we have, show the world that it matters.

Oil and water can’t mix, but my shadows and I would like to see all things co-exist. We’d like to believe that 2015 begins an awareness that little steps are what one takes when starting a useful journey.

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