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Publishing a book is like letting your child go off to college.  You hope that you did a good job of preparing them, but there are no guarantees.

Fortunately, people say great things about our children.  I know what that pride feels like.

People saying great things about Global Anger is less important, but it still feels good to know that I’ve done what I set out to do.  Entertain.  What surprises me is the different way people see things and how they express their viewpoints.

I love Vanessa Marie’s comments posted on her blog.  I love her blog, because it is so honest, fresh and yet so simple and unaffected by contemporary pressures to be outrageous or crass.  Her blog, NESSessCITY, is nice.  I like nice.  Although I can be a little rough with the truth about crime and angry people when I write, I still like nice.

Thank you, Vanessa, for speaking with such charm.  I hope the rest of you will look at her blog:  You will find this wonderful review there when you do.

NESSessCITY | Professional City Girl

In between my holiday celebrations with friends and family, I’ve been able to cozy up with a great read. Global Anger by Kent Politsch is an intense thriller I haven’t been able to put down easily. Combining my love for basketball, international affairs, espionage and the city of Baltimore, this story is like reading a cross between Leonardo DiCaprio’s Body of Lies and Idris Elba’s The Wire . Perhaps its premature to say that Mr. Politsch has invented a new genre, (one I would dub “strategical thriller”,) but this book is so much more than your average “good guys chase bad guys” storyline. I have always believed that a good book is a journey that convincingly takes you from the present place and time to wherever the author wishes you to go and Mr. Politsch does not disappoint. From North Korea to the Grand Cayman Islands, it feels strange that my passport has so few stamps…for now. I may not yet be able to solve the case of who ate the last stuffed mushroom at the holiday party, but I’m eager to see where Rodney Armstrong and Jack Fitzgerald end up next!

Here are some highlights of other reviews of Global Anger that I hope you will read.  If you’ve read the novel, please send me your comments.  The sequel is underway.  If you have favorite characters, I don’t want to ignore them or kill them off.  Yet.

Global Anger wins critical praise


In this compelling thriller by debut author Kent Politsch, college buddies Rodney Armstrong, a Baltimore cop, and federal employee Jack Fitzgerald reunite after many years to stop a wealthy Korean drug dealer’s product from infiltrating the United States economy. When it turns out that the sale of illegal substances is a facade behind which a more sinister plot lurks, the two men must race against time to stop the murder of the Secretary of Agriculture while also preventing America’s economy from grinding to a halt….

The novel mushrooms into a far- reaching conspiracy spanning multiple locales. Politsch plunges readers into places as different as North Korea and Washington DC, using deft description to create milieus that make the audience more than willing to go globe trotting.

In these intriguing settings there exist equally interesting characters. Armstrong and Fitzgerald represent nuanced individuals with complex backgrounds and multi-faceted personalities. Even the villain possesses a fascinating motivation for his dastardly actions….

Even with his many characters and locales, Politsch never loses readers; in fact, the variety of players and theaters of action help to ramp up the suspense considerably. One wants to keep turning the pages in order to discover the surprising ways in which the pieces of the narrative fall into place. The dialogue is powerful and realistic, providing an added sense of urgency to the plot…. Many characters talk in clipped, efficient tones and issue commands commensurate with their rank and status.

                  Global Anger’s timely themes of globalization, terrorism, and the power of a few individuals to invoke fear are writ large in these pages yet examined with subtlety. Politsch delivers his important messages at the human level through the actions of Armstrong and Fitzgerald. Even as the author shows the deleterious effects of great power, he also demonstrates how the concerted actions of a few can stem the tide…

êêêêê (5 of 5) – Clarion Reviewer, Jill Allen


…Global Anger author Kent Politsch strives for the international intrigue of Stieg Larsson (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) by way of a conspiracy-laced plot suggestive of Dan Brown (The Da Vinci Code)… Politsch whisks readers around the globe, from the streets of Washington, D.C., to the deserts of Libya, weaving a complicated tale involving political power struggles, international drug rings, government cover-ups and even inner-city youth basketball.  Sniper schemes and assassination attempts punctuate tense, suspenseful scenes portraying dealmakers at work in places ranging from the back alleys of Baltimore to the glitzy casinos of Las Vegas…


Right from the start, Politsch forces you to cringe… This novel throws you into the darkest corners of life, where money and power are the lifeblood that sustains people, human lives are dispensable, and murder is child’s play.

Global Anger is well-written, well-plotted, and well-researched. The dialogues are excellent… I learned so many things by reading this, albeit most of them are not really legal.

Politsch did an exceptional job in showcasing his knowledge and research in this book. If the scene is about basketball, then it is about basketball with all those technical terms that I could barely understand. If the scene is about police work or politics or drug trafficking or even agriculture, then the scene will use the appropriate terms.

I greatly enjoyed Global Anger. It is one of the most violent books I’ve ever read. So if you’re looking for an action-packed read, grab a copy of this book now.


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