Book summary

Blood Anger 12-01-14: The President’s teenage daughter is in danger. Abductors have foiled Secret Service security and kidnapped Bibi O’Neil, making her an innocent victim in a twisted revenge plot. Only her brief and flirtatious meeting with high school basketball superstar Dante Brown offers the First Family a glimmer of hope. The never-stop action intensifies when federal bureaucrat Jack Fitzgerald guides Brown and his basketball teammates into vigilante battle. Their unsuspecting foe is a familiar opponent for the PAL All-stars, Korean billionaire Pak Yong-sung and his Global Anchor colleagues. Suspense begins when the teenagers challenge the odds with a random and unauthorized search for the president’s daughter. Surprising authorities, they produce an important clue. But is there a payoff? And is Pak prepared for the outcome? Just follow the trail of Blood Anger to find your answers.

Global Anger 08-21-12: When a career federal bureaucrat is contacted by an old college friend – a Baltimore cop – he steps into more than he expected, including vigilante heroics by 16-year-old basketball players whose fearless involvement to stop a known street criminal sets off a series of bizarre connections to an international drug cartel. Operated by a powerful Korean billionaire with sights set on world domination, the drug business is secondary to his real intentions, something the bureaucrat and cop hope to discover while also searching for an assassin beaded on the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture. But why? That’s the puzzling question for which the bureaucrat wants answers. And the answers appear when the billionaire’s Global Anchor drops on an unsuspecting part of the nation’s economy.

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