Anger and Islamaphobia

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While I agree with the concern that too many of us abuse social media with angry rants about things that disturb us, I am equally upset by the lack of public outrage from the Muslim community for the barbaric actions of ISIS. When the CIA or other US government agencies conduct themselves abhorrently, and it becomes public knowledge, the world protests loudly.

Anti-Muslim sentiment grows because of silence. Muslim leaders seem to be endorsing violent actions through sealed lips. Western critics would be lambasting such behaviors if committed by Christian or Jewish factions. Where are the moderate Muslim voices? Why are they not decrying such horrific actions against other human beings? And why isn’t the media hounding moderate Muslim leaders for a response?

Anger will surely continue and become worse if people with moderate and tolerant views sit on the sidelines and let the polar extremes control public dialogue. Moderate Muslims everywhere need to let the world know that they reject the actions of ISIS despite their disgust with the barbarism shown by Syrian President Assad against whom ISIS has taken up arms. To single out Christian and Jewish citizens, especially those who have converted to Islam, and murder them savagely on public display deserves protests from Muslim voices. Such actions to innocent victims strikes fear in everyone. Where fear is allowed, anger grows.

I can understand why the Muslim communities existing in Western cultures are disturbed by the vicious discourse in social media. The messages are stirring further resentment. But the hatred Muslim extremists show by their actions against Christians and Jews is equally disturbing. Why aren’t reasonable Muslim people protesting the beheadings? Do they expect revenge against “infidels” to stop mistreatment by a wicked dictator?

Brutality and dogma are not teachings of Islam. It’s anger that generates inhumane aggression, not religion. Are all Muslims angry? At what?

Those who want peace, who want to co-exist in a culture that allows them to practice their faith in harmony with others, need to speak up. When violent actions are committed in the name of religion, then all of the people of that religion own the actions unless outwardly denied. Until the denial is heard, right or wrong, all Muslims should expect to read and hear more protests in social media. Complaining won’t stop them. Renouncing ISIS will.

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